About Park Potomac Yoga

Yoga dreams do come true!

Debi Schenk has been dreaming of owning her own yoga studio for years. She began teaching in her home and added multiple local studios and corporate clients over the last decade. Debi has had an extensive career in health, nutrition, fitness, personal training, and teaching yoga. She continues to study Reiki to enhance her understanding of energetic imbalances and how to restore them to embrace improved health. Debi 's opening of Park Potomac Yoga has one main goal,  to bring the benefits of yoga to people of every size, shape, fitness level, and age.  She is passionate about her mantra that giving yourself time to practice yoga, is giving yourself the greatest gift of all.  

Yoga for everyone

Debi chose a very special and talented team of teachers for Park Potomac Yoga. We offer private and semi-private lessons, as well as a variety of  beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.  Yoga Chisel, Stability and Mobility, and Power/Rocket make the studio even more unique. We keep the studio between 74 and 78  degrees depending on the teacher and class. See the event page for our unique workshops. Teacher Training begins November 1 (call for information please). 

Your yoga home

Park Potomac Yoga is the perfect studio for you. Easily accessible, free surface or underground parking (see the parking tab), and a lovely, private space make it a yoga studio we hope you'll love and make your yoga home.